Sika Boom® Foam Cleaner 500ml

$12.57 CAD
By Sika
SKU: 01060217



Sika Boom® PRO Cleaner is used to clean the Sika Boom® PRO Dispenser gun after use. It is for removing fresh uncured polyurethane foam residues from dispensing equipment, but may also be used to remove fresh uncured foam from other surfaces. Sika Boom® PRO Cleaner will also clean and remove grease from contaminated substrates.


  • Powerful solvent based easy to use aerosol can.
  • May be used in all positions.
  • May be used on its own or screwed onto the Sika Boom® PRO Dispenser gun.
  • Environmentally Friendly: CFC and HCFC-free.
  • May be used then stored for later use.


500 mL (460 g) can / 12 cans per case



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