Professional Interior Primer-Sealer Latex Paint - 240

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Professional quality water-based primer-sealer formulated for interior surfaces: new gypsum (drywall), new dry plaster, plaster repairs or masonry. May be top coated with water-based or solvent-based finishing paint.


  • A water-based product, which makes cleaning tools easier.
  • A high hiding, good adhesion and sealing properties.
  • Good on drywall, new dry plaster, plaster repairs or masonry.
  • May also be used on wood surfaces.
  • Dries rapidly with a low odour.
  • Product that complies with the Canadian environmental standards in relation to volatile organic compounds (VOC).


Applicable Materials:
Cement Concrete Gypsum (Drywall) Masonry Stucco Wood (Except Cedar and Redwood)
Application Method:
Paint Brush Roller Spray Gun
Application Temperature: 50 to 80
Base Type: Water
Boiling Point: 212
Color: White
Titanium Dioxide Heavy Paraffinic Oil
Drying Time:
1 hr Tack-Free 2 to 4 hr Recoat
Finish: Gloss
Flammability Rating: 0
p H Range: 9.2
Pigment Type:
Titanium Dioxide
Sheen: Flat
Specific Gravity: 1.21
Type: High Hiding
Viscosity: 20.5
V O C Content: 200

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