Interior Premium Zero Eggshell White Paint - 9990

$33.99 CAD
SKU: 2768


This premium quality interior latex eggshell, Zero VOC coating* is a paint and primer all in one product that offers a washable and durable surface with high hide, smooth application, excellent touch-up, and is intended for interior drywall, wood, cured plaster, masonry, metal and previously painted surfaces. It is ideal for walls and ceilings of any room in the house. Also ideal for schools, health care facilities, commercial repaints, and new construction.


  • Paint & Primer In One
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • High Hiding
  • *Zero VOC applies only to base paint. VOC level may increase significantly depending on the colorant choice.
  • Product that complies with the Canadian environmental standards in relation to volatile organic compounds (VOC).


    Application Method : Brush Roller Spray
    Application Temperature : 60 to 77 deg F
    Base Type : Solvent Water
    Boiling Point : 212 deg F
    Color : White
    Compositions : Titanium Dioxide Calcium Carbonate Heavy Paraffinic Oil
    Container Type : Pail
    Coverage Area : 420 to 480 sq-ft / 5gal
    Curing Time : 30 days
    Density : 1.36 g/mL
    Drying Time : 1 hr
    Flammability Rating : 0
    pH Range : 9.3
    Pigment Type : Titanium Dioxide
    Sheen : Eggshell
    Specific Gravity : 1.36
    Thinners : Alcohol Paint
    Vehicle Type : Acrylic Vinyl
    Viscosity : 20.5 cSt
    VOC Content : 100 g/L

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