INKZALL Fine Point Black Marker 12-Pack

$16.99 CAD
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12-piece INKZALL™ Black Fine Point Jobsite Marker Set features clog-resistant tips and gives you the ability to write on dusty, wet, or oily surfaces. The durable permanent marker tips are designed for writing on rough surfaces such as OSB, cinderblock, and concrete, and the ink dries quickly to reduce smearing. The construction marker also has a built-in hard hat clip providing you with easy storage and access. You can leave the marker cap off for up to 72 hours and the fine tip will remain completely functional. MILWAUKEE® INKZALL™ markers showcase relentless mission to provide you with innovative solutions and commitment to best-in-class durability.

  • Clog resistant marker tip
  • Durable marker tip for writing on concrete, OSB, and rough surfaces
  • Writes on dusty, wet, and oily surfaces
  • Built-in hard hat storage clip
  • Lanyard hole
  • Ink dries in seconds
  • Anti-roll body design
  • Non-toxic ink
  • Clog Resistant Tip for better marking performance
  • Hard hat clip provides easy access and storage
  • Tether Ready Lanyard Hole
  • Marker tip optimized for rough surfaces such as OSB, cinder-block, and concrete
  • Permanent, non-toxic ink (ASTM D 4236 certified)
  • Up to 72 Hour Cap Off LifeAnti-Roll Design
  • Writes on dusty, wet and oily surfaces

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