Can-twist™ Wire Connectors Jar of 1000

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Can-Twist are Canada's most popular wire connector. Trusted by professional electricians for their quality and reliability, Can-Twists are the best choice for connecting wire and cable from #22 AWG to #8 AWG.

Made in Canada, Can-Twist connectors feature springs that grip wire and keep it in place, and are constructed with copolymer material that allows the connector to expand for large wire combinations - up to 3 #10 AWG connectors! 

With an ergonomic, winged design, Can-Twist are easy to twist, and need only a few turns to achieve torque, so you can use them on large installations with less strain.

  • Exceptional wire-range capacity - listed for hundreds of wire combinations from 22 - 8 AWG (solid wire and/or stranded wire)
  • Ergonomic easy-twist design - only a few turns are needed to achieve torque without the need to pre-twist wire
  • Square-cut springs stay in place and firmly grip wire for superior connectivity
  • Flexible outer shell virtually eliminates cracking expanding to securely accommodate wire - indicated by white expansion lines
  • Extended skirt length provides over-strip protection
  • Sleek design helps reduce box fill
  • Wire combinations: min. 3x22 AWG / max. 3x10 AWG
  • CSA Approved (CSA 22.2 #188 Certified)
  • Cu/Cu only
  • Operating temperature up to 105 ºC / 221 ºF

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