BH2760VCB - Brute 1-1/8 in. Hex Breaker Hammer With Basic Cart

$2,499.00 CAD
SKU: 1601491


The Bosch BH2760VCB Brute Breaker Hammer weighs just 63 Lbs. but delivers 1,000 BPM and 35 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy, making it a powerhouse with the best concrete removal rate in its class. It is ready for such heavy-duty applications as foundation work or pipe laying. The breaker hammer with included cart is portable, running on any 115/120V AC/DC, 15 Amp outlet or 2,500-watt portable generator - no compressor needed. With Bosch's Active Vibration Control for more operator comfort, users can work longer to get more done. Service MinderBrush System shuts it off when it needs preventative maintenance.


  • BH2760VC Brute 1-1/8 In. Hex Breaker Hammer x 1
  • HS2163 Narrow Chisel x 1
  • HS2161 Moil Point Chisel x 1
  • T1657 Basic Hammer Cart x 1


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