2 in. StarlockMax® Oscillating Multi Tool Bi-Metal Plunge Cut Blade

$30.10 CAD
SKU: 1601140


Bosch Starlock® oscillating multi-tool accessories deliver a three-dimensional fit designed to provide a completely integrated system between multi-tool and accessory. This is a new dimension in torque for oscillating multi-tools. By using a three-dimensional shape instead of a flat interface, Starlock® provides the highest-torque transfer, reduced vibration, and the ability for higher performance applications. These accessories continue to be OIS® compatible and fit existing tools, as well as the next generation of high-performance Starlock® tools.

  • StarlockMax® Oscillating Multi Tool Bi-Metal Plunge Cut Blades for all-purpose applications
  • For oscillating multi-tools
  • Starlock Max mount for maximum power transfer and convenient blade change within 3 seconds.
  • Bi-Metal cutting edge for all-purpose applications including wood with nails
  • Curved Tec blade design for greater control and smooth, precise plunge cuts
  • Color coded interface and laser etched blade to quickly identify the right blade
  • StarlockMax® accessories are compatible with StarlockMax® tools


  • WIDTH - 2 in.
  • IMMERSION DEPTH - 1.5 in.
  • QUANTITY - 1

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