10/3 NMD90 Romex® SIMpull® Orange Electrical Wire

$10.79 CAD
SKU: 0508033


Romex Building Wire, NMD90, 10 AWG Wire, 3 Conductors, Strands per Conductor: 1, Copper Conductor, PVC Conductor Insulation, Stranded, Nylon Sheath, Orange Sheath, 300 V, 30 A, 90 deg C Operating


  • Three-conductor cable with a bare grounding conductor.
  • It is manufactured using annealed (soft) copper conductors—compressed standing for stranded conductors; a heat-resistant thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation and nylon jacket for the individual conductors with a PVC jacket for the overall construction.
  • Romex® SIMpull ® NMD90 conductors feature SIM Technology jackets which reduces the coefficient of friction, allowing cables to be installed without external lubricants, resulting in reduced labour and materials costs.

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